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Best Running & Jumping Stilts for Men & Women Reviews In 2020

Making use of stilts has to be one of the most fun-filled activities that you can choose to start fit. The jumping stilts are designed with highly robust springs that help you to jump a few feet above the ground and do various stunts. These devices not only make it fun to exercise but also burn your calories at a great pace. Your kids will enjoy their fitness sessions an interesting one.


However, for avoiding unwanted accidents, you should study more about the features. In the list below, we have selected and reviewed the best ones available in the market. In doing so, we made it possible for you to pick the one for yourself without having to put much effort. So, check our list below and make an intelligent buying choice.


Using jumping stilts is one of the fun activities you can engage in. These are special types of stilts that provide the user with the flexibility to jump, run or perform acrobatic moves without endangering yourself. Other than for entertainment use, these stilts can be used for health purposes particularly to lose weight.


To get the best out of jumping stilts, you have to choose the best ones. Since there are so many models and brands of these stilts in the market, one may be confused in choosing the one that will best address their needs. If you find yourself lost on which stilts to choose, there is a solution. Below is a guide to assist you in making an informed decision.

Skyrunner Adult Kangaroo Jumping Stilts for Men & Women

Get ready to bounce high with the Skyrunner jumping stilts. Ideal for all men and women, this is the perfect device to shed weight with the fun intact. For a perpendicular movement in relation to the ground, the stilt is characterized by a flat spring. This method of exercising is new and in.

Furthermore, it allows you to have fun while shedding calories, at the same time. If you want to get away from those office blues and spend some time by yourself, a revisit to your childhood is the ideal way to go. With the help of its depressing stilts, you can transfer your optimum energy for jumping into the stilts. Jump straight into a healthy lifestyle with this stilts. As a matter of fact, expect a stress-free lifestyle with the stilts. You do not require a separate time slot in your daily life, to exercise.

Key Features:

  • Increase in endorphins and HDL-C paves the way for a fit future. The jumping also keeps the THR in control.
  • Certainly can help in shedding weight worth a one-hour workout session.
  • The jumping stilt weight limit is nearly about 70-90 kgs.
Kids/Child Youth Kangaroo Shoes Jumping Stilts for Fitness Exercise

Get set, jump! This colourful and fun pair of kangaroo shoes jumping stilts can get your child moving. Incorporate fitness into your child’s playtime with these kangaroo shoes. You do not have to worry about the quality as the product is certified by SGS and CE. As a matter of fact, the depressive spring in the lets a person transfer the energy of jumping into the stilts.

However, this pair of magic stilts is the perfect playtime buddy as it kills stress, lethargy after studying and also keeps them in shape. The jumping helps in increasing endorphins, HDL-C and also checks the THR.

Key Features:

  • The product helps in shedding calories in less than 5 minutes. Thus, it can save a lot of time.
  • Weight capacity around 40-60 kgs, ideal for kids and adults.
  • Get yourself motivated as after jumping for just 5 mins, a rush of adrenaline promises positive and stress-free thoughts.
Air-Trekkers Pair of Spring Loaded Jumping Stilts

From parkour to simple jumping jacks, you can fly high with these Air-trekker stilts. Made of carbon fibre springs, the jumping stilts material can support heavy body weight. Plus, in the process guarantees high-performance every time.

Moreover, your safety is a priority. Thus the leg cuff and Velcro straps are added to the stilts, which clench on to your feet. Now, you can shed all those extra calories as the cardio exercises are more fun than ever. You can get free elbow pads, wrist guards and knee sleeves for protection, with every purchase.

Key Features:

  • Wide Velcro straps for added support and the leg cuffs are light-weight and comfortable.
  • The stilts are composed of soft parts which aim for utmost comfort.
  • Includes hands-free pogo sticks.
Skyrunner Kids/Child Youth Kangaroo Shoes Jumping Stilts

True to its name, this pair of Skyrunner jumping stilts for fitness exercise lets you hop like a kangaroo. Its depressive spring allows transferring their energy on to the stilts, making them almost a part of the body. By incorporating sports into your children’s playtime, you can make sure that they remain fit while enjoying the activity.

Furthermore, it’s perfect for relieving stress from those long hours of studying and helps your children be joyous throughout. The jumping gets the endorphin and HDL-C going while keeping THR in check. As a matter of fact, your children will get positive thoughts and outlook after exercising with the stilts. Jumping kick starts the adrenaline gland, paving the way for a rush of the same. This produces more energy and in the process, positivity which allows mental growth.

Key Features:

  • Any parent’s major concern about their kids is the toys which they play with. It is certified by SGS and CE, making them perfectly safe for any child.
  • Weighing around 40-60kg, the stilts demand energy from the participant, thus assuring weight-loss.
Skyrunner-Iconiciris Store Kids/Child Jumping Stilts

Supplied by the 2008 Olympic Games’(Beijing) Special supplier, these stilts are the perfect combination of sports and fitness. This brand new fitness device for children gives you the allowance to light up the adventurous side of your children. A depressive spring causes the energy produced by the heels to jump, switch to the stilts itself.

Furthermore, this guarantees a perpendicular flight in relation to the ground. This product saves time like no other, as an average usage of 10-15 minutes, every day can have wonderful results.

Key Features:

  • Helps in relieving stress, from the long hours of studying.
  • An increase of endorphins, HDL-C and curbs the production of THR
  • Safe jumping stilts for your child as they are SGS and CE certified.
  • Weight limit of 30-50 kg, ideal for little kids.
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